praries of the earth

i've been living in darkness, a seed beneath the earth
trying to sprout up into the light

i've been swimming the ocean for years
a fish trying to break through the surface,
but afraid it won't breathe if it catches air

reason talks me out of taking a risk
logic keeps me in place
and then i settle for less
always wanting more

Yet, i'm the milk that wants to be churned into butter
and i'm the cup that wants to be filled up

i've been hiding behind walls, sheltering myself from the storm
trying to let go of the need to be safe

i've been walking in circles, avoiding straight lines
thinking it might take me too far away from where I began

my doubts take shape in front of me
my frustration grows deeper around me
and i'm left feeling lost all over again

because i'm the girl that wants to grow into a Woman
and i'm the devotee that wants to be a God

transformation occurs over time
patience is the best medicine to prescribe
the battle is only won when we keep a steady eye on the prize
even in the midst of disaster

far away in the distance I see my end
sweet destiny carry me now
over the desert, through the dark valleys
and onto the prairies of the earth

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