My unhappiness rises out of the deserts of emptyness
As I lay my head down and pray

A throbbing pain inside my chest keeps me awake
I cannot hide

An earth shattering remorse spanning a thousand graves
haunts me still
A quench for love

Those seering sirens and holy pires
came to seek me

A baffled smile and only a moment to react
to the quick plague upon my heart

When I could taste freedom
I wanted out

When I could reach the tips of the sky
I wondered why

To my suprise, she says, I have grown up
From a simpleton worm to a eager pup

Luxurious salvation you brought me here
I thanked you kindly, but now I forgot how to steer
as the gales shudder at my gate

In the instant when the "I"met with truth
I had a clear view of life

THAT was when your potion was strong,
but now it is wearing off

A junkie for your elixir
I keep a watch out for the next installment

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