In the early morning the dawn awakes me
Into the peak of midnight the moon allures me
An empty, hollow room shines beneath my feet
A place surrounded by thought empties out my mind
Crystal beads of light shimmer throughout beyond the wooden pillars
A sort of piercing light invites itself inside
A yearning begins to grow deep into my body
A selfish, pleasing hope satiates all my needs
Warmth fills the soul, food for the stomach
Eternal love will never disappear
Instant rebirth for pleasure, everlasting faith
It seeps into the skin and enters my veins
Deep into my soul emerges a river of hope
Pouring into a lifeless hallway, a diminished road outside
Making a it a youthful moment, lit up to reveal its glow
Devouring passionate kisses of sin, its an immense omniscient feeling which carries a life of its own
It possesses earthly creatures compelling them to see beyond the room

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