Canvass of Truth

Covering the surface of blank pages
With invisible dabs of ink
Hoping to unveil a hidden picture
That lies somewhere beneath

Scratching at the surface
Not too hard, but on purpose
To find just a gaping hole
Filled with a pocket of air

Nothingness has no ends
Grows without fuel
And spreads with all its might
Like water without restraint

I thought I was rising, but
The ground fell from below
And now I’m terrified because I’m
Standing in the middle of the unknown

Is this the uncoiling of a sordid tail?
Or the unhinging of a closed door?
I’m supposedly not asking the right questions
Because I keep on getting more-of the same

It’s time to let go of uncertainties
Wrap myself up in my faith
Tie ignorance up in a box
And throw it away

Have the courage to look at the devil
Directly in his greedy, little face
‘Cause he’s not taking my doubts
And baking them into cakes

Even glass though fragile
Defends itself when broke
Maybe I can be certain
While I’m waiting to be whole

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