Tied Up

tied up in strings and he is laughing at me
i don't know why i wasn't smarter than this

i throw a fistfull of sugar his way
but he never was one with a sweet tooth
so be it
i'll fight my way out

and my compass stopped guiding me long ago
so i had to rely on my heart to show me the way
he's chained my hands and limited me to speech
yet i have nothing to say

what if i died for a cause?
would that make me a martyr
does altruism exist?
only in a selfish need to please
can there not be sacrifice without pain?

i'm a lonely hunter for peace
trying to kill their pain
so they hold me down with their ropes
but they can't hold down my will,
and I WILL

redemption is when i sing
i rejoice in my tears
and pray for emancipation

tied up in my own world
wrestling with these thoughts
as he sits and laughs at me

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