a myth

i am so compelled to write a love song to forget this separation
but then i find i dance in golden weaves of hate
i am so determined to give nothing so there is never any expectation,
but despite my least efforts I am still sent a gift

and here i linger on wondering whether my life has just been a myth
a myth
a myth
that i have no control over

and here i ponder for a moment knowing everything i see is just a myth
a myth
a myth
that takes me to places i do not wish to go

and here i try to change the future but fight against a wall, it is a myth
a myth
a myth
that was written centuries ago

i am so defeated given my last cent and my last breath
but then i must carry on despite my impending death
i am so subdued, taken away, wrung out of all my inspiration,
but still i have to find strength to climb up the ladder again

and here i walk towards the sky
uncertain about tomorrow
questioning yesterday with a relentless "why"

and now i learn that there is nothing
nothing to say or do
the myth is not fiction
but an unshakeable resistance to accept the truth

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